Future Activities

The Trustees of Shri Surat Panjarapole are planning to add on following ambitious projects in trust's fold for their endeavour to serve the cause of Gauseva & Jivdaya.

Electricity Generating Plant

Larger Bio-gas plant generating 1000 Cumt biogas per day in

  1. Vrajbhumi Branch at Tharoli
  2. Giriraj Branch at Akhakhol
  3. Gokul Branch at Bhestan

The electricity will be generated from above plants which will be used in each branch for its day to day functioning.

Densified Total Mixed Ration (D. T. M. R. ) Plant

Modern plant producing 65 tonnes per day of Fodder Blocks of Densified Total Mixed Ration (D. T. M. R. ) at Vrajbhumi Branch at Tharoli.

Milk pasteurizing and packaging plant

Milk pasteurizing and packaging plant at Gokul Branch at Bhestan.

Modifying Nandini Veterinary Hospital

Modifying Nandini Veterinary Hospital into Super speciality Nandini Veterinary Hospital by adding following departments.

  1. Opthalmic Department with Latest Opthalmic Instruments.
  2. Orthopedic Department.
  3. Dental Department.
  4. Physiotherapy Department.