Infrastructure Developement

In four branches of the trust there are well built and airy cattle sheds with the facility of drinking water, each with open courtyard. In Giriraj Branch at Akhakhol, a large lake of size of 800' 125' and 15' deep is constructed which stores abut 4.2 crore liter water. Another lake of size of 150' 125' and 10' deep is also under construction at Vrajbhumi Branch at Tharoli which will store about 52 Lac liter of water. The water from these lakes will be used for drinking for animals and for irrigation in the agriculture fields. Each branch has a small individual dispensary for the emergent daily treatment of weak and sick animals. In each branch, the trust has 'Heman' machine with the Dozar which brings with utmost care and comfort the recumbent animals in the dispensary which have gone for grazing in the meadows.

Vrajbhumi branch at Tharoli and Giriraj branch at Akhakhol also have open animal spaces & grounds surrounded by protective walls with provision ofmanjer and drinking water facility for animals to move freely .

For smooth, effective and efficient administration, all the branches are interconnected by I.T. Technology, such as live connectivity, C.C. T.V, Internet connectivity etc.